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Why getting a formal dyslexia diagnostic assessment is so important…?

Undertaking a formal dyslexia diagnostic assessment is not about labeling a person, far from it, although this is often the excuse used by educational establishments and local authorities. The real reason is that if they assess someone and the result indicates dyslexic tendencies, then it is going to put an onus on them to provide help and will have a cost implication. Far easier and cheaper to use the, we don’t do it because it will ‘label’ the individual excuse. 

A formal diagnostic assessment is designed to provide a ‘complete’ picture of an individual’s strengths and challenges. Proper help cannot be put in place if you do not know what those strengths and challenges are.



What does a formal diagnostic assessment consist of?

A competent assessor will use a range of tests but more importantly they will use their skill in order to ‘look’ beyond the figures by closely observing and talking to their client, as well as obtaining any relevant background information before the assessment.


What do we test for…

Our assessments usually consist of eight different tests, which are used to measure:

  • Underlying ability
  • Phonological Processing
  • Speed of Processing
  • Test of Memory and Learning
  • Single Word Reading (timed)
  • Single Word Reading (untimed)
  • Spelling
  • Sentence Comprehension
  • Visual Motor Integration (including Motor Co-ordination and Visual Perception)
  • Speed of handwriting

We also test all of our clients for Visual Stress/Irlen’s Syndrome.

What will you recieve…

You will receive a comprehensive report which will provide recommendations for teaching, exam concessions, and what you as a parent can do to help your child.


What makes us different…

Where we differ from some other organisations, is that we take the time to arrange a meeting after the report has been completed, so you can not only ask questions but more importantly, I will explain in detail what it all means. This will enable you to be able to talk to your child’s school with complete confidence.



Cost: £500 and takes in the region of 4 – 5 hours (with breaks). (If required, we are able to split payments into more manageable chunks).

Need to talk to someone?

Then take advantage of our 30 minute FREE telephone consultation with Jacqui – our Dyslexia Specialist. Just click to arrange a suitable time and date. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever. We are passionate about what we do and can really help.